The LaFresian Chronicles
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Arsen Episode 5: HollowLight

1 year ago

Kailen, Nyx, Dominic and Shelby lead Aurelie through the town of HollowLight and take a trip down memory lane on their way to meet the King.

Thank you for listening. Today’s episode was written by Nicole Tuttle and edited by Mariah Clawson, and featured the vocal talents of Nicole Tuttle, M.L. Earhart, Emily Buza, Ace Corsaira, Wes Haas, Mike Crawford, Mariah Clawson and Mira Chandrasuri. This episode was edited by Brad Colbroock, Mariah Clawson and Griffin Coldiron and featured the music of John Bartmann For audio experiences that keep people listening, visit and our announcer Sophia DeRise. Want to stay up to date on all things The LaFresian Chronicles: Arsen? Follow our social media for more information about upcoming episodes @lafresiaaudio on Twitter. If you enjoyed today's episode, subscribe to our show on your favorite podcasting site and leave a review. Until next time listeners.


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